Conflict of Interest

The guardian shall avoid even the appearance of a conflict of interest or impropriety when dealing with the needs of the ward. Impropriety or conflict of interest arises where the guardian has some personal or agency interest that can be perceived as self-serving or adverse to the position or best interest of the ward.

Do you, your company, your family, your employer put you at risk for conflict of interest in your practice? Consider the following:

  • Do your political and/or religious views put you in a place of being unable to act for the client in their best interest?
  • Do you have a financial gain in the work you do outside of the normal fee arrangement approved by the courts?
  • Do you employ family members that create a financial interest in your decision-making ability for the client?
  • Do the vendors you use, ie.realtors, bankers, AFH, provide you gifts or other “kick backs” in order to use their services?
  • Do you own entities that your client’s funds support other then your court ordered activity?
  • Do you have a vested interest in any organization or person which might assist your client in any way, such as the following:
    • Housekeeping or companion services
    • Care management
    • Foster care or other care services
    • Real estate – sale, repairs, management
    • Asset management
    • Vehicle repair
    • Tax preparation
    • Others not mentioned above…