Education and Training

Becoming a Guardian or a Conservator requires a combination of education and experience in the areas related to practice skills.  People arrive at this basic level in many different ways, but it is most common to have at least an undergraduate degree in a related area, and years of case management and/or financial management background.  Regardless of your path, you will need significant training before you start your practice, and ongoing continuing education as long as you are in practice.

  • Basic Training about Guardianship in Oregon: Portland Community College offers a one credit on-line class about guardianship in Oregon, Gerontology 245. This class contains basic information about guardianship in Oregon for family members and professionals, and provides an overview of the field for individuals considering it as a career path.
  • Training for National Certification:  While the location varies, NGA has training available prior to taking the national test.
  • Training for Oregon Certification:  GCA Oregon is currently revising the six hour training on guardianship and conservatorship topics.