Guardian/Conservator Certification

Effective January 1, 2014, ORS 125.240, added a requirement that any petition for the appointment of a professional fiduciary contain: “Proof that the professional fiduciary, or an individual responsible for making decisions for clients or for managing client assets for the professional fiduciary, is certified by the Center for Guardianship Certification or its successor organization as a National Certified Guardian or a National Master Guardian“.   So, this will reach beyond the principal fiduciary, to support staff serving in those direct care roles.

There are three types of certification available; all are administered through the Center For Guardian Certification.

National Certified Guardian: (Required to serve as a professional fiduciary in Oregon) Requires education, a criminal and background check, an application, associated fees, and successfully passing an on-line test.  Requirements for the NCG application. 

National Master Guardian: This is the highest level of Certification available through the Center for Guardian Certification.  It requires extensive testing and additional skills and is generally only pursued after many years of guardianship practice.  Learn more about this at the CGC site.

Oregon Certified Professional Fiduciary (Not required to serve as a professional fiduciary in Oregon) The test for this certification is being revised and is not currently available. Once revisions are complete, this level of certification can be added to national certification. It requires more education and training, and a test.  It also requires more years of experience as a guardian (depending on your educational level) in Oregon, before applying. Requirements for the OCPF application.

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Updated: 12/10/15