January 12, 2021  starting at 12:00 PM Phone conference –

call in to: 515-604-9815, access code: 498215#

Guardians, conservators, and community partners serving vulnerable persons in Oregon are invited to call in!

** Each meeting, in addition to the regular, free-style format explained below, we will share our time as often as possible by hosting a fellow professional peer who will present a short case study. This will allow us to devote a portion of our time to a more formalized discussion based on the stated situation. This could potentially qualify towards CEU credits.

WHY:    To discuss issues in substitute decision-making and support for decision-makers;

                To help develop fiduciary skills;

                To identify alternatives to guardianship;

                To identify least-restrictive alternatives within guardianship;

                To reinforce the community resource base;

                To help others understand the role of surrogate decision-makers;

                To help educate new decision-makers, families, and ancillary care providers;

                To work in concert with social services and the medical community;

                To work in concert with the legal/judicial system and other relevant agencies.

Call in for a relaxed, informal discussion. Present your topic or challenges for a round-table discussion, problem solving, or peer review. The agenda and topics will be set by participants. The Forums will be taking place the 2nd Tuesday of each month.